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The cryptocurrency market has been growing at an exponential pace and making a number of people very rich. But is it all about making money?

what is crypto currency?
what is crypto currency?

What is CryptoCurrency?

CryptoCurrency is a form of digital money that is designed to be secure and in many cases, anonymous.

It is a currency that is associated with the internet that uses cryotography, the process of converting legible infomation into an almost uncrackable code, to track purchases and transfers.

The List Of CryptoCurrencies Include

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Namecoin, Monero, etc

The first cryptocurrency was Bitcoin which was created in 2009 and is still the best known, there has been proliferation of cryptocurrencies in the past decade and there are now more than 900 avaialable on the internet.

….But let’s talk about Ethereum.

What is Ethereum?

Ethereum (ETH) is a smart contract platform that enables developers to build decentralized applications (dapps) conceptualized by Vitalik Buterin in 2013. ETH is the native currency for the Ethereum platform and also works as the transaction fees to miners on the Ethereum network.

crypto currencies
crypto currencies

Here are some reasons for you to invest in Ethereum

The technology underlying cryptocurrencies – called Blockchain technology – has the potential to change our lives for the better. What does Ethereum have in store for you?

Huge Growth Potential

The crypto world is extremely intimidating, due to the complexities in understanding the technology. The use of technical computing terms can confuse and deter outsiders.

This is the main reason why many stay away from cryptocurrencies. In addition, it can be a real challenge navigating through the ecosystem; from opening an exchange account, to sending coin transactions, to managing one’ private wallet for safekeeping

The fact that the Cryptos intimidate most people is the very reason why you would want to be in it. Jumping on the bandwagon earlier than most would give you an edge, both in terms of potential gains and experience.

It can be a steep learning curve, but it would all be worth it. Once there’s adequate mainstream coverage on cryptos, the masses will start pouring in, purely because the rates of returns are relatively astounding!

huge growth potential
Huge Growth Potential

Ideological Empowerment

If you’re not a big fan of the government, the big banks or monopolistic corporation, then cryptocurrencies are perfect for you.

Let’s face it, humans are used to a central authority– in the form of a government, an institution, or a company- that set rules to dictate the way things should be done.

What if the tables are turned, and the masses have a *real say* in how things should operate? Now that is a truly democratic ecosystem.

The decentralization of cryptocurrencies democratizes traditional powers and empowers the masses. No more shall you depend on financial institutions for transferring money that comes with an exorbitant fee.

There are many coins – which one of them is Ethereum – that allows users to transfer money to anyone at any location with a fraction of the fees.

Not only that, having private wallets to store your coins gives you full control of your money. It’s like managing your own bank; you decide your own rules.

Moreover, the nature of an open, decentralized economy powered by Blockchain naturally aligns the economic incentives of participants.

This means that actors with bad intentions would find it extremely unproductive and expensive to attack or compromise the system, as the amount of resources needed to do so would be astronomical.

Instead of wasting their resources to compromise the system without gaining any incentive, the logical thing to do is to contribute their resources to strengthen the security of the system (a process called “mining”).

They would, therefore, be entitled to economic rewards for doing so. Anyone can take part in the network by contributing resources and earn coins for the commensurate work that you put in.

The capacity of any person to participate and power the entire ecosystem is the nature of decentralization.

ideological empowerment
Ideological Empowerment

Bragging Rights

Imagine having the opportunity to be part of the internet revolution in the 1990s. It was a perfect opportunity for you to acquire a vast amount of wealth and more importantly, bragging rights.

The rights exclusive only to the initial investors and backers of the revolutionary technology, and that which could serve as your lifetime legacy.

That recognition goes beyond material wealth and it really is currently at your fingertips. How many can claim the rights of being the few that took part in the development of a revolutionary part of human evolution?

Very few. Cryptocurrencies are the gateway to that legacy.

crypto currency bragging rights
Bragging Rights

“Having bragging rights and being extremely rich along the way is combination that only few have, and will ever experience.”

Be a part of this revolution

If you are familiar with cryptocurrencies, you might always think about whether it is worth investing in cryptocurrencies, right? As we all know, this technology is here to stay. In the near future, people would be regretting their decision on not investing in the cryptocurrencies at that time.

Do not be one of them. Make sure you become a part of the evolution that will be talked about for years to come. Be part of the cryptocurrency revolution! Most certainly, the amount of money invested will feed the upcoming generations for years to come.

People are cautious about whether it is safe to invest in cryptocurrency but never invest in Cryptocurrencies. However with several noted entrepreneurs like John McAfee and noted investors like the Winklevoss Twins. Therefore, it is essential for some people to start the initiative and be a part of the prosperous future.

the crypto currency revolution
Join The Crypto Currency Revolution


The whole world has evolved its way up in terms of technology. Along with keeping a record of the transactions, Blockchain technology takes part in providing security as well as decentralization and transparency.

Due to its never-ending benefits, it could be said that the blockchain technology is in for the long game. The answer to all the questions regarding the best time to invest in cryptocurrency, whether it is safe to invest in cryptocurrency is held by Blockchain itself.

The blockchain technology even ensures the security to the transactions which make it an important advantage when compared to the bank transfers.

the blockchain

The whales have not started investing

A tremendous amount of money is outside the crypto world. It is now time for the whales or in other words bigger investors to get in the game and start investing in cryptocurrency which would ultimately lead to the price of cryptocurrency rising to heights which could never even be imagined.

Once the big investors make their way into the game, you could be totally assured that your money would result in a good multiplier. Big investors have not yet figured out whether it is safe to invest in Bitcoin, Ethereum or any other cryptocurrency.

Once, they do, the higher stakes would raise the cryptocurrency market. Hence it is good to get involved now before the whales enter the market.

You can start slow and go big

It is possible for you to invest any amount of money and buy any cryptocurrency without even thinking much. There is no specific amount that an investor needs to pay to purchase the cryptocurrencies. The investors possess the choice to start small and make their way up to the big game.

The crypto world is a blossoming to be a real game-changer that could change the way we do things. As we speak, applications are being developed to disrupt the current status quo, for the better.

Imagine having transparent access to government or organizational activity at your fingertips, or allowing part of your computing power to be shared in the advancement of key scientific and medical projects.

A decentralized system allows the masses to leverage each other’s resources and qualities to uplift the community. It is a force of good.

Additionally, you can also get very rich investing in the ecosystem too. So what are you waiting for?

start slow and go big
Start Slow & Go Big

You can start investing in Ethereum with Million Money Ethereum

Why I am referring as Million Money Ethereum?

Because of the simple reason that it is a Ethereum Crypto Currency based.

Million Money Ethereum is Basically a Peer to Peer money sharing site and this is how it works!


1.Minimum Investment of 0.03 Ethereum Approx $5

2. A internet enabled smartphone or Computer/Laptop

3. Minimum 2 Direct Referrals

how million money ethereum works

How does Million Money Work?


We recommend using 2 type of wallets, these are:
Metamask – This is a Google Chrome Extension .if you are working from a personal computer. (Download from the official website:

TrustWallet – If you are using a smartphone. (Download for iPhone or Android) 



(Please note this is very important, Copy this link and paste it only in Metamask browser or Trustwallet browser Only for creating Millioin Money Account)


insert the link below


Choose Metamask for smartphone or chrome extension or Trust Wallet if you have smartphone

Before you click on the ” To register ” Button Check the Invited Id on top of it . It should match the Id in the link. In this case ”298102”

STEP 4 : In Control Panel (Dashboard) scroll down to Buy Level 1 (0.03) Click on Buy button to open your wallet and confirm

STEP 5 : Now You Can see Yourself on Level 1 in Red on the Dashboard

Million Money Levels – What are They?

what are million money ethereum levels?


2 people who you invite or who come as spillover to you donate 0.03 ether each to you. You get 0.06 ether. You use 0.05 ether to buy level 2 and you remain with 0.01 ether as profit.


The 4 people recruited by your 2 people will donate to your level 2. Each will donate 0.05 ether to you and you will get a total of 0.2 ethereum. You will then use 0.1 ethereum to upgrade to level 3 and you will remain with 0.1 ethereum as profit.


The 8 people recruited by the 4 should donate to you 0.1 ethereum each that total is 0.8 ethereum. You will use 0.4 ethereum to upgrade to level 4 and you will keep 0.4 ethereum as profit.


The 16 people recruited by the 8 people will donate to you 0.4 ethereum each totalling to 6.4 ethereum. You will use 1 ethereum to upgrade to level 5 and you will keep 5.4 ethereum as profit.

32 people recruited by the 16 will contribute to you 1 ethereum each thats totalling to 32 ethereum. You will use 2.5 ethereum to donate to level 6 and you will keep 29.5 ethereum as profit.

million money matrix & profits



The 2 people who donated to your level 1, will again donate 2.5 ether each to you and you will get 5 ether.
You will then donate the 5 ether to level 7.


4 people recruited by your 2 people again donate 5 ethereum each thus making a total of 20 ethereum. You use 10 to upgrade to level 8 and keep 10 ethereum.

8 people recruited by your 4 donate 10 ether to you making a total of 80 ethereum. You use 20 for level 9 and keep 60 ethereum as profit.


16 people recruited by your 8 donate 20 ether each thus making 320 ether. You donate 40 ether to level 10 and keep 280 ethereum as profit.

Get 40 ether from 32 people and keep all the money(1280 ethereum)

Total profit = 1665 ethereum

Million Money Ethereum – Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is this limited to any Country ?

Ans : No this is a Global Oppurtunity any one can use this to make money online

2. Is Million Money Scam or legit ?

Ans : This is a 100% Legit, Genuine & Scam proof as money is transferred between member to member directly in their respective wallet with no middleman intervention so it is safe.

3. If the website closes will I loose my money ?

Ans: No way even if we assume that the website closes or the program comes to an end your money is 100% Safe as it is in your personal wallet and can be accessed only by you.

4. I am not good at recruiting can I still make money ?

Ans : While recruiting a minimum of 2 referrals under you is recommended it is not mandatory since there are sometimes spillovers from your uplines also. However we strongly recommend you referring atleast 1 since this referral will give you back 100% of your initial investment.

5. I am interested but I have lots of questions to Ask ?

Ans : Not to worry you can connect with me here

Whatsapp :


Facebook Page:

Facebook Group:

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